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The trend of sheet metal processing automation

With the rapid economic development, the traditional technologies and processes of sheet metal processing have become increasingly difficult to adapt to the new market environment. There is an urgent need to improve the processing technology and expand the processing scale. In this context, it is inevitable to promote the trend of sheet metal processing to mechanized automation.

Sheet metal processing is the processing of parts and metal plates, which is an important processing technology in China's industry. As long as it is a metallic product, it cannot be separated from sheet metal processing. Because of this, sheet metal processing has an important impact on people's production and life.

After China's reform and opening up, the economy has rapidly taken off, science and technology have continued to advance, and the sheet metal processing industry has achieved unprecedented development and formed a specific process. Specifically, sheet metal processing mainly includes four steps: one is to select the processing material, the other is to review the drawing, the third is to unroll the drawing, and the fourth is to process the blanking and fitter.

加工 In the traditional sheet metal processing process, the processing personnel occupy an important role. For example, in the drawing review, the processing staff must ensure that they understand every content in the drawing before the subsequent processing. For the rapid development of the times, this traditional processing technology is obviously difficult to meet the current needs, and must be innovatively upgraded to realize the mechanized automation of processing.

The application of mechanized automation technology to Nakajima in the sheet metal processing industry can not only improve processing efficiency, reduce errors, achieve true assembly line production, but also greatly reduce the pressure on processing personnel and improve the overall sheet metal processing quality.

It can be said that the realization of mechanized automation of sheet metal processing is a requirement of China's industrial development, and it is also one of the important signs of industrial development. It also indicates the coming of the era of industrial mechanized automation.

And sheet metal processing is widely used and is closely related to many industries. After the realization of mechanized automation, it can significantly improve the production efficiency and reduce costs of other enterprises, thereby promoting the development of the industry.

推动 In order to promote the automation of sheet metal processing, many companies have gradually popularized CNC machine tools. NC machine tools are the basic guarantee of mechanized automation of sheet metal processing, and its use will greatly promote the development of mechanized automation of processing.

However, to truly realize the mechanized automation of sheet metal processing, it is super important to have the relevant main system to control all processing machinery and the entire processing process. In addition, there are professional molds.

In short, today's technology promotes economic development. The sheet metal processing industry must introduce advanced technology, invest in advanced equipment, continue to develop new processes, and develop towards mechanized automation.


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