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Equipment and production:
Laser cutting machine, working table size: 1500MM * 3000MM; carbon steel thickness can reach 16MM; stainless steel 12MM;
Shearing machine, CNC bending machine 5 sets;
A total of 5 CNC machining centers;
Butt welding machines, spot welding machines, argon arc welding machines, carbon dioxide protection welding machines, etc.
Several presses, vibration grinders and other equipment;
4 rotary arm pneumatic tapping machines; 2 rotary arm drilling machines and other machining equipment;

Production ability:
1. Professional cutting, punching, cutting, folding, welding, baking and other substitutes and processing;

2. Professional design, drawing, and demolition personnel;

3. Professional welding processing personnel, grinding after welding;

4. Professionally undertake the production of sheet metal for mechanical covers and various electrical control boxes, European regulatory cabinets, computer instrument cabinets;

5. Two paint production lines (2.2 meters wide * 2 meters high * 5.8 meters long) can provide professional electrostatic powder coating.


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